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The Perfect Disguise


1. Song that reminds you of waking up in the morning: Getting better, the beatles...dont ask
2. Song that's best to drive to work/school to: wild pack of family dogs-modest mouse
3. Song that's best to drive home from work/school to:smackwater jack, carol king
4. Song that's best on Sunday afternoon: jennifer and the ess-dog, stephen malkmus
5. Song that's best to listen to at night driving:radiohead, black star
6. Song that's best to listen to at night at home: travis writing to reach you
7. Song that reminds you of your childhood: king of carrot flowers, neutral milk hotel...well...not really, but its great song
8. Songs that are best for sex, or reminds you of sex: radiohead, entire ok computer album, except fitter, happier
9. Song that's best for when it is raining: Stravis, why does it always rain on me

10. Song that reminds you that you're in love: radiohead, high and dry
12. Song that reminds you that everything is wonderful: perfeect world, liz phair
13. Song that makes you cry: Radiohead - radiohead, blackstar, fake plastic trees, the 4th on amnesiac, cant think of the name...
Music Groups

1. Favorite music group:obviously radiohead
2. Favorite music group when you were 13: the cranberries
3. Music group that you liked then but do not anymore, greenday
4. Music group that you still like after years and years:beatles, of course
5. Music group that you are embarrassed that you like:i have an incubus cd...hanging my head


1. Favorite male voice: Thom Yorke
2. Favorite female voice: bjork
3. Most annoying female voice: alanis morsette,,,grrrrr
4. Most annoying male voice: dave matthews...i actually just dont like him
5. Male singer's voice that makes you cry: Thom Yorke
6. Female singer's voice that makes you cry: bjork, liz phair

Your current top twenty albums
(or something like that)

2. Radiohead - OK Computer
3. radiohead-kid a
4. radiohead-the bends
5.modest mouse, moon and antartica
6. modest mouse, big lonesome crowded west
7. travis, the man who
8. bjork, the pink one
9. nuetral milk hotel, aeroplane over the sea
10. weezer, the old blue one....

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