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MadMan Mike says

here, this isn't great, but it'll pick up.

Tiffany Anders
funny cry happy gift
UP Records
Rating: 110 out of 360.

Fictional monologue in a record store:

Me: Hmm, whats this new album? Tiffany Ander--
My Imaginary Friend: Tiffany Amber Theissen??? Wow! Thats great! What is she wearing?!
Me: Uh, no man...Hey! Produced by PJ Harvey! Wow! This is great! What is she playing?!

Upon examination of the credits of Tiffany Anders funny cry happy gift (an album which fits none of these descriptions), I was really taken by a couple of things. First and foremost, the album is produced by PJ Harvey. No Shit. PJ Harvey. Knowing that she had a production role in her own excellent most recent LP, Stories From the City, Stories From the Sea, I was thrilled to be allowed to hear this Tiffany chicks CD, whoever she was. Furthermore, funny cry happy gift features the one and only J Mascis from Dinosaur Jr! . . .featured on lead, uh . . . drums . . . hmmm. I would have to see about that one. . .

Still, I slid this disc into my computers CD Drive with only the greatest of expectations. But Person I Knew, the opening track, was not very satisfying. At all. Actually, it was kinda boring. The excitement of hearing J Mascis instantly got lost in the track along with his forgettable drum work. There was a nice enough build up, though, and the song, beaming with country music influence, showed a little bit of promise. But by the end of I See How Much Has Changed, a duet with Joe Hurley, I fully realized how much of my own excitement had changed into contempt. This was due in no small part to the lyrics, Girl Ive had a long journey, I look at you, I see how much has changed. And like the leaves that are now falling, our love is faded, and is now dead. Perhaps these words dont seem so bad written down, but delivered via a nearly non existent melody, and very very slowly, you really find yourself thinking of ways that they could be phrased in a more eloquent way. And youre right. Even Harveys uniquely simple vocal breaks between verses dont make this song worthwhile.

Track 7, Summer Gold, is a highlight of the disc. It features a background noise made by a copicat (def: a musical instrument known for saving songs from going straight to Hell) and some of the nicer guitar parts on the record to keep it interesting. However, these elements cant save the song from its lyrical shortcomings, and, again, a nearly complete lack of a tune. Like most of the songs on the disc, this one also plods along at a snails pace. Oh, and it doesnt bode well for Anders that the very next track, Concrete Like Quicksand, sports an identical melody. Thankfully, the following number, Solitudes Ring works better than most songs on funny cry happy gift. A slide guitar complements Anders vocals, which are nicer here than anywhere else on the disc.

If not for the major name guest stars who appear on funny cry happy gift, it would be tossed into the girl-singer-songwriters-who-do-the-girl-singer-songwriter-thing pile, and never given a second thought. Hell, it probably still will be. The fact is that Tiffany Anders is not really a bad songwriter, and she does have her moments. I am just perplexed at why she has gained the attention and support of such major league artists, not to mention the prestigious UP Records. Whatever. Just let me know when that new Tiffany Amber Theissen album comes out.
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